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Welcome to MEA!

Mise en abyme (French pronunciation: [miz‿ɑ̃n‿abim]; also mise en abîme) is a French term derived from heraldry, and literally means "placed into abyss".

It's a technique in which an image contains a smaller copy of itself, in a sequence appearing to recur infinitely.

MEA is the cloud of personal computers.

Imagine a virtual cloud desktop streamed over the Internet on bring-your-own device!

Unlike other cloud services, with MEA you host not only your files, but computing power and the operating system.

Further, MEA is a state-of-the-art Web 3.0 application labelled Software-as-Hardware.

Heraldic Clouds website hosts virtual desktops, both for personal use and shared/free. This service is aimed at geeks, college students, futurists, travelers, Internet enthusiasts, gamers, and dreamers.

If you are not afraid to try the latest trends in computer industry, if you see the world a bright and more advanced place in the future, then MEA is your next favorite app! It's not every day you find a system that paves the way for Internet Revolution and changes the very way we use computers.


Web 3 semantic web

As hardware and the Internet are merging together, the dawn of Web 3.0 is inevitably coming. A semantic web is only one side of the next version of the Internet, MEA is another key modification that makes it possible to blend hardware, operating system, graphics and TCP/IP.

Let’s explore some imperfections of traditional physical PCs that lie on the user’s desk.

  • They demand periodic maintenance, cleaning, dusting, cooling;
  • They can be stolen, or left at home or even lost if it’s a laptop;
  • The average user’s PC is always at a security risk if they are connected to the Internet, whether it’s a virus threat or an open port for hackers to abuse.

The solution is the computer in the cloud, the next step in the evolution of computers. The microcomputers of the 1970-1980 were inseparable from their software, the PCs overcame this limit but still are inseparable from their physical presence. Cloud computers of Mise En Abyme are designed to correct this problem.

MEA is the next step in Evolution of computers since microcomputers, and the missing link between the computer on your desk and a computer in your head, as humanity merges with technology a little more every day.




meaOS is an operating system that powers MEA Cloud Computers. It's Linux distro born on Heraldic's workstations. Built to adapt to the use in the cloud, it's a bleeding edge software available exclusively to the users of MEA. When building meaOS Heraldic used its vision of a modern, post-Windows 10 operating system. Cloudization meant heavy use of remote connection, graphic but lightweight interface and additional security measures.

Heraldic learnt the successes and mistakes of past desktop operating systems, so the following features have set the foundation of meaOS:

  • Security
    • Based on the world's most secure OS family - Linux
  • User-friendliness
    • App market and GUI programs wrapped inside an awesome modern desktop environment
    • Simplified updates
  • Open source
    • Free as in 'Freedom of speech' and free as in 'free beer'
  • Compatibility
    • Thousands of native Linux apps in addition to Windows compatibility layer WINE
  • Advanced networking
    • Heavy use of VPN to connect your client device peripherals
  • Language Packs
    • meaOS comes with your language and a feature of easy switching between OS translations


Next-gen Security

Heraldic logo monkeys shield coat of arms

When humanity connected to the Internet we've exposed ourselves to viruses, cyberattacks and malware. When you're on MEA you are protected by 256-bit SSL encryption, freshly patched operating system (Linux based!), a VPN tunnel and a number of secret measures that are sure to surprise any hacker. MEA security is just as strong as online banking and even stronger. In short, MEA is more secure than anything else you connect to the Internet.

Internet Freedom

online world map

Heraldic is committed to supporting a free and open Internet. MEA network is the easiest solution to escape despotic Internet regulations.

MEA uses VPN communication, but unlike VPN services with MEA every link you click, every file you download is performed on the Proxy. That means that if you live in Russia or China your Internet activities physically happen beyond the borders of your government's surveillance. Keep in mind, though, connecting to MEA is like travelling to another country. When in Rome, do as Romans do. Check the legislation of the country where your cloud computer server is located.

How it works:

A massive array of servers in the firmament of information. This is the home of your cloud computer. When you log in to MEA, the cloud beams your computer at the speed of light to the client device of your choice, usually a less powerful machine.